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Brief history of our IC


The International Lawn Tennis Club of Argentina was created on May 7, 1948. It was the eighth IC created in the world, upon the initiative of Jean Borotra with Enrique Morea Sr. (father of Enrique Jorge Morea, Argentina's great champion).

The IC Argentina's first president was Horacio Bustos Morón, who was joined by founding members Héctor Cattaruzza, Ronaldo Boyd, Guillermo Robson, Enrique Villegas, Carlos Caminos, Enrique Obarrio, Lionel Knight, Alfredo Dodds, Adriano Zappa, Carlos Morea, Lucilo del Castillo, Manuel Padrós, Otto Hauser and Guid Von Bernard, all great Argentine players who shared the principles of the IC. Alejo Russell was invited to join the IC Argentina shortly thereafter.

The IC Argentina had its debut in an international match in 1952 in Buenos Aires, when it received the visit of an international team composed of Jean Borotra, Jaroslav Drobny, Robert Abdesselam and Philip Wascher.



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Eduardo Soriano (President)
Email: patosoriano@gmail.com

Gustavo Herrero (1st Vice President)
Email: gustavo@herrero.la

Thomas C Stalhandske (2nd Vice President)
Email : thomas@thomasstalhandske.com

Luis María Medus (Honorary Secretary)
Email: luismedus@obrasabedul.com.ar




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