Welcome to the International Club of Singapore
"Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean "

Welcome to the IC of Singapore

IC Singapore was formally accepted into the IC at the IC AGM on 28 June 2009.

Singapore's application to join the IC came about through the encouragement of James Acheson-Gray, a member of IC Great Britain (who had lived in Singapore for a number of years and was active in the Singapore tennis scene), and with the guidance of Barry Weatherill.

IC Singapore is a community of passionate tennis players for whom the secret to happiness (quoting our patron) is friends, tennis, good food and good wine.

The objects of IC Singapore are:

  1. To promote, by social union and match-play, good fellowship among players who, as members of touring tennis teams, have represented their country abroad, or who are or have been active in international competition in any age category.
  2. To develop, encourage and maintain the highest standard of sportsmanship and understanding among players of all nations and young players in particular.
  3. To assist in the welcome and hospitality of international, university and club players visiting Singapore from abroad.
  4. To provide members with information about clubs and tennis facilities abroad.
  5. To involve professional players who have ended their careers.      

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President: Paul Wong:
email: paulpl.wong@gmail.com

Secretary: XT Tan
email: xuteng@yahoo.com

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