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The IC of Brazil

The International Lawn Tennis Club of Brazil
The IC was formed in 1982 and has 63 members.
Former or current international players who are members include:
Armando Vieira, Thomaz Koch, Cassio Motta, Jayme Oncins, Maria Esther Bueno, Carlos Alberto Kirmayr.
Gabriel Carlos de Figueiredo initiated contacts with the IC, but after his death in 1981 it was Eugenio Saller who decided to take over this task. Brazil’s IC was formed on July 1, 1982 with the support of Otto Hauser from Argentina and Max Mainzer from Uruguay.
Social and tennis activities are limited to official tennis events, like the National Tournaments of Brazil, the ITF Veterans’ Tournaments in Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre. Activities have been reduced recently because of financial difficulties and the absence of sponsors.

IC Council News

IC lapel pins IC lapel pins

IC lapel pins

The IC Council has produced a quantity of IC lapel pins for use by ICs everywhere.
Wimbledon packages 2017 Wimbledon packages 2017

Wimbledon packages 2017

The IC has once again combined with Keith Prowse who has been organising official Wimbledon tours since 1982 to offer you the chance of discounted packages for 2017 with the express approval of the All England Club....
Overview of a successful Potter Cup Overview of a successful Potter Cup

Overview of a successful Potter Cup

The 2017 Potter Cup saw the first edition of a Ladies event alongside the longstanding Men’s event, which celebrated its 45th edition. And what a successful long-weekend it was! 
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