December 2023
Mario Ruben Trophy 2023

Mario Ruben Trophy 2023

City of Belém do Pará hosts the 3rd edition of the already traditional State Tennis event.

Between August 7th and 13th, the city of Belém hosted the competition, which is increasingly becoming one of the main tennis events in the entire state of Pará and the North of Brazil. The event was played at Sítio Conquista.

Once again the event featured a senior tennis competition, bringing to Belém great names in the sport in South America, such as Nelson Aerts (BRA), Amadeu Façanha (BRA), Fernando Avancini (BRA), Ricardo Tomb (BRA), Luis Medus (ARG) and Carlos Behar (COL).


In the Open Category ‘’Top Eight’’ the competition featured the following athletes:



  • David Martins
  • Francisco Caetano
  • Vinícius Fialho
  • Bruno Duboc



  • Adonaldo Amorim
  • Geovanni Mendes
  • Eduardo Lima
  • Alexandre Nunes.



After closely contested games, David Martins confirmed his favoritism and became the first two-time champion of the competition.

Athletes David Martins and Eduardo Lima were invited to participate in the ITF World Tennis Tour - M15 (Future) torunament in Belém, played the following week between the 14th and 20th of August 2023, on the tennis courts of Assembleia Paraense, a traditional club in the region North. Region of Brazil.

As is traditional in the competition: The agenda included, in addition to games on the beautiful Sitio Conquista tennis court, the Athletes were offered the best internationally recognized regional cuisine, as well as nautical trips through the Amazon region.

At the very important and traditional official dinner for the athletes, personalities from the world of Paraense, Brazilian and International tennis were honored. Among them is our very rich and incomparable Maria Esther Bueno.



The prize:

The Trophy is not awarded to the Champion and will remain under the responsibility of the IC Brasil Board of Directors.The Champion's name will be engraved on the plaque at the base of the trophy, and the Trophy will be displayed in prime locations (tourist attractions, restaurants, clubs, among others) in the city of Belém.

The Champion and finalist received a gold and silver medal, respectively.


Who was Mario Ruben, chosen by the Board of IC Brasil to name the event?

Clinical Physician and Anesthesiologist, tennis player and tennis lover, National Champion (Brazil). In 1952  he founded the most traditional club in Belém, Pará Tennis Club, along with some friends.

He encouraged the expansion of the sport of tennis in other clubs in Belém, such as Assembleia Paraense, currentlly the largest tennis club with 10 tennis courts. It was inaugurated in 1978.

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