March 2023


Belém hosts the second edition of the event.

From August 9th to 13th – the 2nd Edition of the Mario Ruben Trophy – Top Eight – was held at Sitio Conquista – in celebration of the 40th anniversary of IC Brazil – in the Open and Master Categories. The best eight tennis players in the state of Pará took part in the Open category, and the Master Category included great names of world tennis such as: Thomaz Koch, Patrícia Medrado, João Soares, Vera Cleto, Nelson Aerts, among others.

The event has been part of the annual calendar of IC Brazil and is considered the biggest tennis event in the state of Pará, attracting a large select audience of tennis lovers.

The agenda included, apart from the beautiful tennis facility, the best international and regional gastronomy, as well as tours in the Amazon region.

During the players' official dinner, the partnership agreement between IC Brazil and

IRTB ''Rede Tênis Brasil'' was signed, with the purpose of promoting  IRTB actions to foster tennis in Brazil, starting with the democratization of access to the sport throughout the country, thus contributing to the shaping of new Brazilian tennis players, together with the entire community of International Clubs (IC Global), of which IC BRAZIL is a member. The partnership aims to  contribute to promoting the social transformation of thousands of children and youngsters in Brazil, bringing the values of tennis into their lives, uniting the tennis community even more around goals and objectives common to the IRTB and IC BRAZIL.

Some Member Titles were granted by the Board of IC Brazil, Honorary Award to Athletes and celebrities from the world of Tennis who have made relevant contributions to the sport: Thomaz Koch, Patrícia Medrado, João Soares, Vera Cleto, Nelson Aerts, Renato Chalu Pacheco among others.


Facts about the event

The award:

The Trophy is not given to the Champion, it will remain under the responsibility of the Board of IC Brazil and the name of the Champion is engraved on the plaque at the base of the trophy. The Trophy will be displayed in prime spots (Tourist attractions, Restaurants, Clubs, among others) in the city of Belém.

The Champion and the finalist will receive a gold and silver medal, respectively.


Who was Mario Ruben, chosen by the Board of IC Brasil to name the event?

Clinical Physician and Anesthesiologist, tennis player and tennis lover, National Champion (Brazil). In 1952  he founded the most traditional club in Belém, Pará Tennis Club, along with some friends.

He encouraged the expansion of the sport of tennis in other clubs in Belém, such as Assembleia Paraense, currentlly the largest tennis club with 10 tennis courts. It was inaugurated in 1978.


The event has been achieving the main objectives of The Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs – “Hands across the net, friendship across the ocean”, along with loads of fun.


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