About IC Brazil

In January 1981, the International Club of Brazil was founded by the then President of the CBT (Brazilian Tennis Confederation) Gabriel Carlos de Figueiredo, and by the president of the Uruguayan Tennis Association, Max Mainzer.

With the death of Gabriel Figueiredo in the same year, Eugenio Saller, considering the creation of our International Club of utmost importance, continued to work with Alcides Procópio, together with tennis players friends of the International Clubs from other countries, Eugenio managed to get Brazil to become a member of The Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs, London on 1st July 1982.

IC Brazil Objectives

The objective of Club International today under the presidency of Mario Martins is to promote through social events and tennis competitions, the fellowship between tennis players who have already represented Brazil in international competitions, in addition to developing, stimulating and maintaining not only a high standard sport, as well as bringing players from all nations together.

The current vision of IC Brasil's board of directors, has as one of the main objectives the construction of a national structure covering all the states of Brazil for the realization of regional events, in this way, attracting new members and involving them in a large Social Inclusion project within the sport of tennis, thus contributing to the reduction of social inequality.

IC Brazil Presidents

1981 – 1981 –   Gabriel Carlos de Figueiredo
1981 – 2010 –   Eugenio Saller
2011 – 2014 –   Fernando Gentil
2015 – 2020 –   Nelson Aerts
2021 -               Mario Martins

Current IC Brazil - Board

Mario Martins - President

Nelson Aerts -  Honorary Secretary

Hugo Scott - CFO - Chief Financial Officer

Fernando Gentil - Administrative Director

Silvio Oliveira - Equity Director

Galba Couto - Director São Paulo

Amadeu Façanha - Director Brasília

Patricia Medrado - Events  Director

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