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Welcome to the IC of Mexico

  Welcome to the IC of Mexico Website.

The IC of Mexico was formed in 1974 and today it has about 95 members. 

The IC Mexico regularly participates in many events locally and also around the world. 
Two years ago we were able to send teams to the IC of Luxembourg tournament and also had our Annual Amigos Cup against the IC of the USA in Cabo San Lucas, Florida. We were 3rd place in Luxembourg and the US took the win from us on the last day - congratulations.

We also have single, doubles and mixed doubles tournaments in Mexico for our members. 

We just had a large IC Week in Mexico in April 2014 to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. Please see the news item below with a summary of the event, a link to the Official results document and also a link to hundreds of photographs of the event. If you attended, you might be in some of them !

We are also involved in a Philanthropy project in Leon, Guanajuato to help underprivileged children through tennis. Here is a link 
to a video that will tell you more about our project and other related projects funded by the IC Council. Our project is partially funded by the IC Council and by local individuals and entities. 

We will be gradually increasing the amount of content in our web site, so please visit us again soon. 

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IC Week 2014 in Mexico City

IC Week 2014 Summary, Results and Photos 

From April 14 to April 19, the IC of Mexico organized the IC Week 2014 to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

This was the third time the IC of Mexico organized an IC Week. The previous ones happened in 1992 and 2004.  

We had solid participation of 10 countries (Great Britain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Bahamas, USA and Mexico) that competed with 27 teams in 4 tournaments (Windmill, Mercelis, Columbus, and Juego de Pelota).  

All in all we had 120 players and 50 companions for a total of 170 participants in this IC Week.  

4 clubs allowed us to use their courts and facilities during this IC Week. Thanks to the Club Aleman, Club France, Club Raqueta Bosques and the Reforma Athletic Club for their help and support.  

We would also like to thank the Presidente InterContinental hotel and the sponsors that helped us, and that without them this IC Week would not have been possible: (Cemex, Calidra, Seguros Atlas, Head, ComforJet, Grupo CEA, Grupo Jumex, Industrial Esco-Will, Rivero Gonzalez (wines), Laboratorios Hormona, Vinos Cuna de Tierra, Claudia Arellano González, Polaris, and Autotur).

We had a busy week with visits to the famous Anthropology Museum and the Chapultepec Castle, a welcome cocktail, a Parrillada in the Reforma Club and a Gala dinner in the Club Aleman.  

The winners of the tournaments were:  

Windmill - IC Italy  

Mercelis - IC Italy  

Columbus - IC France  

Juego de Pelota - IC France  

Here are the detailed results Match by Match

Hundreds of photographs were also posted to an internet site.  

Please go to dropshots.com/icweek2014 to see the photographs. Please explore the different albums that we created in this site.

If you have some pictures that you would like to share, please send them to adireccion@polaris.com.mx  and we will upload them.  

Thank you for coming to Mexico and see you in the next IC event !  

The IC Week 2014 Organizing Committee  




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