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Argentina: IC Junior Challenge South America Champion
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Argentina: IC Junior Challenge South America Champion

Argentina overturned 3-1 deficit against Chile to win the IC Junior Challenge South America

Chile and Argentina were the “finalists” in the IC Junior Challenge South America. Both countries won their first match against Uruguay. On Friday, Argentina’s team defeated Uruguay 5-1 and on Saturday Chile did the same in a very tight match determined in a mixed doubles Championship Tiebreak.

The tournament was held in “Club de Golf Valle Escondido” in Santiago, Chile, watched by an attentive audience comprising the IC of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay delegations and tennis celebrities including Jaime Fillol, Jaime Pinto and Marcelo Filippini. The Chilean team was 3-1 up on the score after winning both girls’ singles and one of the boys’ singles, but Argentina had other plans. They won both doubles and took the series to a mixed doubles championship tiebreak. Fernanda Astete with Geronimo Barrios for Chile and Melany Krywoj with Genaro Olivieri for Argentina fought a very close deciding rubber. The result: Argentina won the tiebreak 10-8 qualifying to “The IC World-wide Finals” at Wimbledon 2014.

In the closing ceremony, together with awarding the teams, the captains of the respective ICs awarded Fernanda Astete (Chile) and Federico Lopez (Uruguay) with the Sportsmanship Award. Jaime Fillol and Marcelo Filippini congratulated and encouraged all the players to continue with the exemplary behaviour they showed over the tournament.

The tournament was sponsored by the Chilean Tennis Federation, Grupo Fillol, OB Group, K-Express, Fire Stop Systems, Dunlop, Inmobiliaria Quecall, PrendeLED y British Chilean Chamber of Commerce and the IC Council.

Official Press Release

On Court

Marcelo Lombardi, Roberto De Paulo, Waldo Parada and Esteban Fillol

Fernanda Astete and Agostina Zamprogno

  Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

Kart Market

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Dunlop

Jaime Fillol, Jaime Pinto, Luis Medus and Andres Medus

Fernanda Astete

Luis Medus, Andres Medus, Alvaro Fillol, Marcelo Filippini and Jaime Fillol

Jaime Fillol and Marcelo Filippini

Off Court

Leyla Musalem, Ana Maria Arias and Mabel Rigoli Club de Golf Valle Escondido

Team Argentina at the airport

Team Uruguay at the airport


Esteban Fillol, Benjamin Quevedo, Leyla Musalem and Pedro Parterrieu 

Juan Berchesi, Alvaro Fillol, Jean Paul Brisson and Marcelo Lombardi

Marcelo Filippini, Luis Medus, Andres Medus, Felipe Ortiz B, Felipe Ortiz R and Roberto De Paulo

Jaime Fillol, Felipe Bunster, Roberto De Paulo, Felipe Ortiz R and Felipe Ortiz B

Felipe Bunster and Jaime Fillol

Gustavo Herrero and Jaime Fillol

Felipe Bunster, Jaime Fillol and Marcelo Filippini

Felipe Bunster, Gustavo Herrero and Jaime Fillol


Jaime Fillol leading the Clinic

Clinic for underprivileged kids

Pipo De Marinis, Mabel Rigoli, Gustavo Herrero and Marcelo Lombardi

Awards Ceremony

Third place: Uruguay

Runner up: Chile

Winner: Argentina

Sportsmanship Award: Fernanda Astete (Chile) and Federico Lopez (Uruguay)

The First Three Nations South Americas Cup awarded to Uruguay

Felipe Ortiz B, Felipe Bunster, Jaime Fillol, Alvaro Fillol, Felipe Ortiz R and Esteban Fillol

Ivan Navarro and Jaime Fillol

Felipe Ortiz B, Marcelo Filippini and Felipe Ortiz R

Team Uruguay

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