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Welcome to the IC of Austria

The Präsident is Peter Lund who can be contacted via email on: westanteppich@aon.at

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India qualify for the 2023 IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge Final

India qualify for the 2023 IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge Final

The 2023 IC Rod Laver Asia/Oceania Junior Challenge Qualifier was held at Ariake Tennis Forest Park in Tokyo from 25 to 29 June.

Participating teams were India, Pakistan and Team A and B from Japan. Team India earned a place in the Finals, after beating Japan's Team A in a highly contested mixed doubles tiebreaker.

During the event the participants had the opportunity to see some of Tokyo, participate in cultural experiences and join a charity clinic for hearing impaired children.  Please see the attachments below for more details about the event, photos and the results.

The IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge finals will be held in San Diego in November.

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