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IC of Argentina 75th Anniversary event

IC of Argentina 75th Anniversary event

The IC of Argentina celebrated its 75th anniversary in the prestigious Tenis Club Argentino in the beautiful Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Two trophies were played: Juego de Pelota (for Men 70+ and 75+), and new Mate de Plata, donated by the IC of Argentina (for Women 65+ and 70+).

With representation from the the ICs of Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Uruguay and Argentina, this meant there were forty-three players from seven nations participating in the event.

The competition was played on two five-team knock-out draws, with a Consolation round. The IC of France was the Winner of both trophies, with the IC of Argentina turning out as the Runner-up and the IC of Uruguay winning the Consolation round on both trophies, as well.

As is customary on these occasions, the IC of Argentina made the following Honorary Members during the Closing Dinner: Tim Griffin (Canada),
Dagmar Hellwegem (Germany), Annemarie Van Collie and Michel de Marneffe (Belgium), Alvaro Fillol and Felipe Ortiz (Chile), Caroline Glaszman (France) and Hugo Delgado (Uruguay). Visiting ICs also honored Argentine players as Members of their respective institutions: IC of Belgium: Gustavo Herrero and Luis Medus; IC of Chile: Luis Medus; IC of Uruguay: Martin Rosenbaum.

Play took place with the traditional camarederie that characterizes the IC family, with numerous opportunities to enjoy good tennis and warm social encounters.

For a full report, results and photos of the event, click HERE.

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