Marion Bartoli:
"I am delighted to be appointed a Vice President of the Council of International Clubs. I am conscious that I am following in the footsteps of both Jean Borotra and Robert Abdesselam in this role and am honoured that I am the first French woman to hold this role.
The principles for the creation of international goodwill through tennis events played between nations and of good sportsmanship on and off court, on which the International Clubs were originally founded, are as important today as they were when the British formed the first Club in 1924. The fact that France was the second country to create its own Club in 1929 and that there are now 40 International Clubs around the world, is an endorsement of the work of our French and British founding fathers in whose footsteps I am very happy to tread.
I wish all ICs good fortune in the work which they are now doing, in not only promoting to the original principles on which this family was formed but, in particular, in the work in which they are involved with juniors and in taking tennis to disadvantaged young people through IC Philanthropy" 

 Barry Weatherill:
"The International Club has, along with tennis, always been one of my abiding passions. There are few things more enjoyable than to meet and play tennis with players from around the world in a spirit of competitive friendliness. It is a formula for creating lasting friendships and a means of engaging with the many different cultures within the 40 IC nations.
So I feel that I have been very fortunate to have been made a Vice President of the Council of ICs. When you have already been involved in something about which you feel passionately you do not expect a reward, so this appointment is very special for me.
To the many members around the world I sincerely hope that you derive the same pleasure from the activities and opportunities that I have experienced in my years on the Council and I wish all ICs and their members the very best of good fortune, enduring collegiality and the creation of many lasting friendships through tennis. "

 Michael Stich:
"I am happy that I am able to address you as a member of the International Tenis Club of Germany and as Vice President of the Council.

The goal of IC's and the goal of all of us is to promote the game of tennis in the world. It is one of the best sports that you can play and we have to make sure that the beauty of our sport will be brought to people across the world.

Please help us in our work and support the game of tennis."

Marion Bartoli

Barry Weatherill

Michael Stich 

Vice Presidents Emeritus:

Virginia Wade

Vijay Armitraj


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