The IC Council

"The International Club's ideals are believed to be of such value that the development of their standards, and their maintenance in any country, should be the concern of all those interested in the finer traditions of the game, and particularly those who enjoy the privilege of membership of an International Club." This was the view of the seven ICs in existence in 1946.

How to achieve this purpose was first discussed in Paris at a meeting of these seven ICs - Great Britain, France, USA, Czechoslovakia, The Netherlands, Sweden and Belgium. Then in London, on 22 July 1947, these seven ICs unanimously agreed that the maintenance of IC ideals everywhere should be entrusted to a 'Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs' composed of representatives of all the ICs in existence. 

Between 1947 and 2012 the IC Council has approved the formation of a further thirty-three ICs. The ICs have held their AGM during Wimbledon every year since 1948. The AGM now takes place on the middle Sunday of The Championships. 

The management of the IC Council is vested in an Executive Committee (EC). The EC has up to twelve elected members. There are three permanent members representing the three oldest ICs: Great Britain, France and the USA. There are up to six members who represent ICs grouped into the following regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, and North America and the Caribbean; and there are up to three elected non-representative members.

EC Members serve for four years and may be re-elected. IC members with special skills or responsibilities may be co-opted as required. The EC meets at least twice a year. One of these meetings is held during Roland Garros. 

The EC has sub-committees responsible for Sponsorship, for Events and for Philanthropy. There is also a Management Group responsible for the day-to-day management  of the Council's affairs.

The IC Council's Constitution was adopted by the AGM on 4 July 2000 and amended on the 29th June 2008.

Officers of the Council and Members of the Executive Committee 

Officers of the Council and Members of the Executive Committee 


Frank Sedgman (Australia) 

Peter McQuibban (Great Britain)

Honorary Secretary designate

Andrew Ambrose (Great Britain)

Honorary Treasurer 

Mike Carroll (Great Britain) 

Permanent Members 

Thierry Pham (France) 

Peter McQuibban (Great Britain) 

Dan Waldman (USA) 

Regional Representatives


Mimi Yoshii (Japan)


Leonia Grondel  (South Africa) 


Des Shaw (New Zealand) 


Alex Kurucz (Germany) 

South America 

Gustavo Herrero (Argentina)

North America and the Caribbean

Dan Waldman (USA)
Non-Regional Representatives

Julian Tatum (Great Britain) Events 

Henri Reiter (Luxembourg) Small ICs and Philanthropy

Kit Spencer (The Bahamas)  IC Junior Challenge


Natasha Starling (GB)  IT

Paul McNamee (Australia)

Berta Tintoré (Spain) Events/Potter Cup

Executive Assistant to the Chairman
Shali Hutchins

IC Partners