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IC Timeline

2nd IC was founded – IC of France.

3rd IC was founded – IC of USA

Total of 7 IC clubs in existence (Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic and then Sweden)

Creation of the IC Council

IC of Netherlands hosts the first IC week – ‘festival of tennis’

Total of IC 16 Clubs

Creation of The Potter Cup (men over 45s)

Total of 27 IC Clubs

Ladies were eligible for membership, like the men

First two elected Lady Ordinary Members (Winnie Woolridge and Frances Taylor)

Introduction of Junior Associate Membership

Jean Borotra Sportsmanship Award introduced and first winner was Stefan Edberg.

IC of GB 75 year IC Week Wimbledon

Council founded ICJC – U16 girls and boys with donations from The Compass Group

Partnership with Lacoste
HSBC (initial Sponsor of Jean Borotra Sportsmanship Award- now CQS)
Banque de Luxembourg (support Philanthropy)

First under-privileged clinic in conjunction with IC JC run by Gabby Sabatini in Argentina

Council founded IC Philanthropy – to use tennis to help young people with disabilities

Partnership formed with ‘Give it your Max’, to run The Tennis Ball which funds the Philanthropy projects

CQS gives first donation towards IC Sportsmanship Award and later, the Czech Nations Event

40 IC’s of the World – approx. 4500 members worldwide
13 philanthropy projects being sustained

IC of Japan host the Worldwide Junior Challenge finals to
celebrate its 40th anniversary

Rod Laver adds his name to the 'IC Rod Laver Worldwide
Junior Challenge'

IC of France host the IC Week to celebrate its 90th anniversary
42 ICs of the world - approx 4,500 members worldwide and 14 Philanthropy projects being sustained

IC Weeks and major celebratory events scheduled for:
2020 S Africa 70 years old
2022 Belgium 75 years old
2024 GB 100 years old