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June 2022
Mario Ruben Trophy

Mario Ruben Trophy

IC Brazil celebrates 40 years of foundation, with the 2nd edition of the Mario Ruben Trophy - Top Eight 2022

From August 9 to 13, 2022, the State of Pará will receive a special edition of the event, with the best tennis players in the state and great national tennis legends.

For the second year running, the Brazilian Amazon will receive the best tennis players from Pará, with the 2nd edition of the Mario Ruben Trophy. As in 2021, the competition that was conceived by the current president of IC Brasil, Mr. Mario Martins will feature the 8 best tennis players in the state, in addition to the participation of great idols of national tennis in the Senior's tournament.

The competition goes far beyond the courts, and has several actions throughout the week, such as a delicious gastronomic trip through the irresistible flavors of the Amazon, tours through the natural beauties that only the Brazilian Amazon can provide, in addition to social and his great contribution to the development of tennis not only in the state but in the entire northern region of Brazil.

The dispute of the open category will be in the format ‘’Round Robin’’, divided into 2 groups, where the two best placed in each group qualify for the semifinals and consequently the two winners of the semifinals play in the grand final. The big news for this year is that the 4 athletes not classified for the 2021 finals will compete in a qualifier with 4 invited players, thus defining who will be the 4 classifieds for the composition of the main draw alongside the 4 best tennis players of the competition in 2021.


  1. Adonaldo Amorim
  2. Francisco Caetano
  3. David Martins
  4. Renato Palácios
  5. Bruno Duboc
  6. Geovani Mendes
  7. Leandro Carvalho
  8. Vinicius Mendonça da Silva


  1. Mauro Rodrigues
  2. Eduardo Lima
  3. Alexandre Nunes
  4. Aroldo Rodrigues

To crown the party, great idols of national tennis, who for years were among the best in Brazilian tennis and in the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA (Women's Tennis Association) rankings, and today with great prominence in the Senior's ranking of the ITF (International Tennis Federation)


  1. Thomaz Koch
  2. Nelson Aerts
  3. João Soares
  4. Hugo Scott
  5. Mario Martins
  6. Roberto Franceschini
  7. Amadeu Façanha
  8. Galba Couto
  9. Patrícia Medrado
  10. Vera Cleto


As in the previous edition, social actions are present at the event, among all the actions programmed by the organization of the event, there will be a meeting between great idols of national tennis who will participate in the Senior's dispute with tennis players who stand out in social projects in the city of Belém with the IRTB (Instituto Rede Tênis Brasil), MM Tênis and Fonte de Luz.


Official Club
Sitio Conquista - Ananindeua – Amazônia – Pará – Brasil


Two Tennis Courts (Clay), one indoor and one outdoor. All courts have LED lighting.
Electronic Scoreboard and serve Speed Meter.
Athletes will be assisted by Physiotherapists.


This season, public access will be limited to IC Brasil guests and Sponsors.


The Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs, The Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs, was conceived during the Wimbledon dispute in 1921, in a conversation between the British Prime Minister Arthur Balfour and the renowned tennis writer Wallis Myers. In 1924 the Club was founded in England, and in Brazil in 1982.

In Brazil, ‘’IC – Clube Internacional’’ (as it is known in Brazil), has been promoting relationship events with a lot of companionship and friendship, through tennis. With the objective of promoting tennis around the world, and with the participation of renowned idols of the modality in Brazil, IC developed this event model to maintain not only the high sporting standard, but also to bring players closer to the general public, stimulating each time more the practice of the modality by the new generations throughout Brazil.

With a more current vision, the IC aims to hold events to collect revenue through sponsors and partners, and later allocate to social inclusion projects related to sport.


Developed especially for the event, made of Silver Noble Metal, measuring 70 cm in height, the trophy will be permanently exposed in the main tourist attractions, restaurants, shops and clubs in the state of Pará.

At each edition, the event's champion will have his name fixed on a plaque engraved on the base of the trophy, thus perpetuating his great feat.


  • Porte Engenharia
  • Thai Toyota
  • Way Jeep
  • Bezerra Penna Engenharia
  • Aqualand
  • Multiflon
  • E11 Blindagens
  • Brilux
  • Red Bull
  • Clinica Azevedo – Cirurgia Plástica
  • Fredão Alimentos
  • Radisson Hotel Maiorana Belem
  • Lacoste

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