August 2019
Argentina upsets Brazilian team and secures place at Worlwide IC Junior Challenge Finals

Argentina upsets Brazilian team and secures place at Worlwide IC Junior Challenge Finals

South American qualifier brought together young talents from Argentina, Brazil, Chile e Uruguai at Sociedade Harmonia de Tênis

São Paulo, August 17th - After three days of competition, the IC Rod Laver South American Junior Challenge, set on Saturday as the champion and elected to play in the IC Worlwide Junior Challenge Finals. Led by the captain Thomas Stålhandske, the Argentine team beat Brazil in 5-1, securing the group’s first place as na unbeaten team, followed by Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, the last country to represent South America in the world championship of IC.

For captain Stålhandske, his team had full merit in winning a place to play in San Diego 2020. “We had a perfect week in São Paulo, the commitment to each match, even when the tie was overed, shows our seriousness. I congratulate each athlete from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay for their performance and for bringing the spirit of fraternization, the most importante value for those who play the events of the Internacional Lawn Tennis Club”, explained.

Gabriela Sabatini

The South American stage of the IC Rod Laver Junior Challenge thanks the financial support of Argentine hero Gabriela Sabatini, US Open champion (1990), Hall of Fame member and IC ambassador to the continente.

Final Round - Saturday

Argentina 5x1 Brasil

Serena Giubbani (ARG) d. Lorena Cardoso (BRA) – 6/4 6/1

Manuel Mouilleron (ARG) d. Richard Gama (BRA) – 7/6 (5) 6/2

Solana Sierra (ARG) d. Ana Candiotto (BRA) – 6/2 6/3

Francisco Pini (ARG) d. Gabriel Generoso (BRA) – 6/1 6/3

S. Giubbani/S. Sierra (ARG) d. L. Cardoso/A. Candiotto (BRA) – 6/4 2/6 10-7

G. Generoso/R. Gama (BRA) d. M. Mouilleron/F. Pini (ARG) – ret.


Chile 5x1 Uruguay

Isidora Cereso (CHI) d. Maria Eugenia Caride (URU) - 6/1 6/2

Juliana Rodrigues (URU) d. Alessandra Caceres (CHI) - 6/4 6/2

Felipe Lopes (CHI) d. Juan Cruz Gianolli (URU) - 6/3 6/1

Benjamin Torres (CHI) d. Rodrigo Peres (URU) - 6/3 6/1

B. Torres/F. Lopes (CHI) d. R. Peres/J. Gianolli (CHI) - 6/4 6/4

A. Caceres/I. Cereso (CHI) d. M.E. Caride (URU) - 6/4 4/6 14-12



  • 1º Argentina - WWW
  • 2º Brasil - WWL
  • 3º Chile - LLW
  • 4º Uruguai - LLL
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