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July 2024
Victory for the IC of Czech Republic at the IC Jiri Medonos Cup by Deltroit (formerly CQS IC June in Prague)

Victory for the IC of Czech Republic at the IC Jiri Medonos Cup by Deltroit (formerly CQS IC June in Prague)

The IC of the Czech Republic recently hosted an unforgettable event at the prestigious I. Czech Lawn Tennis Club (www.cltk.cz) on Stvanice Island. This year’s tennis tournament brought together distinguished players from ICs of various countries, including the Czech Republic, Spain, Great Britain, and Ireland.

A total of 25 players and special guests participated in the event, highlighting the exceptional talent and camaraderie within the international tennis community. Special guests Jakub Medonos, Marek Medonos (sons of Jiri Medonos) and Peter McQuibban (the Chairman of IC Council) added to the event's prestige.

In the final standings, the Czech Republic triumphed, securing the top position. Great Britain followed in second place, while the international team claimed the third spot. The tournament not only provided a platform for high-level competition but also fostered a spirit of friendship and sportsmanship among participants, embodying the core values of the IC community.

A significant highlight of the event was the ceremony held on Wednesday to honor the memory of Jiri Medonos, the esteemed captain of the Czech team. This tribute set a tone of reverence and respect for the contributions of past members to the sport and the club's rich history.

The celebrations extended beyond the tennis courts with an official IC dinner held near the scenic Vltava River at Sovovy mlýny. This elegant gathering provided an opportunity for attendees to reflect on the tournament’s event.

On Saturday, participants enjoyed sightseeing in Prague’s historic Old Town, immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture of the Czech capital. This excursion allowed guests to connect on a personal level formed through the shared interest in tennis.

We would like to also express our sympathy to Helena Sukova, who was the president of the Czech IC for a remarkable 25 years. Her dedicated leadership, vision and commitment have been truly inspiring, leaving an enduring legacy of excellence.


  • The IC of Czech Republic scored 98 points
  • The IC of Great Britain scored 95 points
  • The International team (made up of representatives from the ICs of Spain and Ireland and Jiri Medonos’s sons) scored 50 points.
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