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Argentina celebrates 65th anniversary
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Argentina celebrates 65th anniversary

Jumpstarting the celebration of our 65th Anniversary, we held a three-team round robin of two Men’s Doubles (one 50+ and the other one +65). The three four-player teams represented the IC Germany, the IC Argentina, and a combined team for the IC USA . We also staged a friendly match between the Germany IC and the Argentina IC, consisting of five Singles and two Doubles (with the Doubles counting for the round robin, as well). The combined IC USA team won the Doubles Event, and Argentina beat Germany in the friendly match. You may find the scores and the names of the players in the attached document.
We played at the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, on March 14-16. We held a welcome reception on Tuesday evening March 13, an official dinner on Thursday March 16, and a closing barbecue lunch (asado) on Friday March 16. Lunch was served at the BALTC on Wednesday and Thursday, as well, and visitors were provided with a City Tour on Wednesday March 14. Non-playing members of the IC Argentina joined us throughout the three days, including our IC president Enrique Morea and former Argentina #1s Eduardo Soriano and Julian Ganzabal.
On Friday, David Scott (IC USA) and Evert Schneider and Jaap Arends (both IC Netherlands) joined us at the BALTC and played a friendly doubles match with Jorge Esponda, tying one set all.
We at the IC Argentina were delighted to welcome our friends from the IC family. We hope that everyone had a good time. The spirit of friendship and good tennis fun typical of the IC was once again honored, and we look forward to welcoming our friends from afar some time soon again.
Best wishes to all,

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 A. Kurucz, G. Herrero

 H.Reiter, L.Steinhoefel, I.Mantzke, M.Dawe

 K.Hall, F.Drilling, (USA) A.Kurucz, Dr. F.Kuhlmann (Germany)

 Argentine and German teams


 Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club

 Centre Court

 Kuhlmann, Kurucz,Lynch and Harms

 D. Hinkel, F. de Marinis

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