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January 2017
Hosts IC of Czech Republic win 2017 CQS 4 Nations Cup

Hosts IC of Czech Republic win 2017 CQS 4 Nations Cup

The 2017 CQS 4 Nations Cup was held at Prague's I.CLTK Tennis Club, and it was a victory for the host nation under a slightly improvised format. 
As the other participating nations did not have the required 6 playing members, the IC of Ireland, IC of Hungary and IC of USA formed an International IC Team. Consequently, the games for the same IC nations were counted together and then added accordingly to either the International IC Team or to the IC of Czech Republic. 
Thursday's hard fought play saw the Czech Republic finish on a total of 107 games to the International team's total of 81 games. This was then followed by a thoroughly enjoyable official dinner which was hosted by the IC of Czech Republic on a boat along the Vltava River. Matches resumed again on the Friday and the Czech Republic sealed their victory to win by a total of 188 games to 122 games. On Saturday, players then had the opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour to Chateaux Nelahozeves to finish off a great weekend of true IC spirit both on and off the court. Many congratulations and appreciations to the IC of Czech Republic for their victory and hospitality throughout the weekend.         

Location: Prague, Czech Republic 

Format – men’s doubles, ladies doubles and mixed doubles 

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