Noticeboard of the IC of Argentina


IC Argentina hosts match with IC France on April 6, 2013, at Tenis Club Argentino in Buenos Aires

The IC Argentina hosted a match with the IC France on the occasion of the Davis Cup tie played in Buenos Aires between the two countries. The French side was made up of Pierre Darmon (head of the delegation), Rosa María Reyes de Darmon, Emanuelle Derly, Brigitte Simon, Patrice Beust (IC France Honorary Secretary), Thierry Pham (IC France President), Philippe Pinet, Christophe Potton and Jacques Tamin. 

The IC Argentina was represented by  Mabel Bove de Capurro, Graciela Lombardi de Alberro, Marcela de Gregorio, Beatriz Villaverde, Ricardo Cano, Guillermo Caporaletti, Tomás Lynch, Pipo De Marinis and Luis Medus, with Daniel Harms acting as non-playing Captain, and Gustavo Herrero (Honorary Secretary of the IC Argentina) as head of the delegation.

The IC Argentina offered a dinner that evening at the French Club in Buenos Aires to the IC France delegation, with the attendance of Mr. & Mrs. Enrique Morea (ICA President), Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Soriano (ICA Vicepresident), Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Furlong (ICA Captain), and many others.