IC Jean Borotra CQS Sportsmanship Award

This Award is made to an international player who has shown outstanding sportsmanship throughout his or her career or perhaps even on an individual occasion of remarkable significance.

The relevant objective of the IC is to "develop, encourage and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and understanding among players of all nations and among young players in particular."

2003 Maria Bueno

2003 Maria Bueno



Maria Bueno emerged on the International Tennis scene in 1958 at the age of 18, when she won the Ladies' Singles in the Italian Open. Between that moment and her last appearance at Wimbledon in 1977, when she lost to Billie Jean King in the Third Round, Maria Bueno made a huge impact on the game. 

Her overall results over such a long period were astonishing_ Most of her victories were achieved as an amateur. She amassed 19 Grand Slam Titles, winning the Ladies' Singles at Wimbledon in 1959, 1960 and 1964 and the US Open in 1959, 1963, 1964 and 1966, with countless doubles titles at the US Open, Wimbledon and the'French Championships: she won a total of 63 major tournament titles over 20 years. 

In the mid Sixties, Maria found herself in a trinity of excellence, with Margaret Smith and 

Billie Jean King as her principle opponents. She beat and was defeated by both: the most epic of such encounters being her win 6-4, 7-9, 6-3 against Margaret Smith in 1964 and her 6-3, 3-6, 6-1 defeat by Billie Jean King in the 1966 Final, having beaten her in the previous year in the Semi-Final 6-4, 5-7, 6-3. 

But what is as astonishing about Maria's career is that as a young girl she travelled the world with little financial support from her home country, without an entourage of coaches and dieticians and yet managed to endure on the International scene for such a long time. For a young woman leaving her country to embark on this worldwide experience was a feat in itself and underscores Maria's determination to succeed. 

Those young enough at the time to remember Maria's feats will enjoy the memory of an elegant athlete traversing the court (sometimes dressed by Ted Tinting in his special brand of couture) with an economy of effort and fluidity of stroke. 

What stands out most, however, is her composure and total lack of theatricality. There was barely a line call queried or a word spoken in anger. 

The International Club Jean Borotra Sportsmanship Trophy, was a gift of the French IC to the IC Family in memory of Jean. It is sculpted by the Frenchman, Jean-Jacques Hamard and is based on a photograph of Borotra completing a running forehand. 

One of the objectives of the International Clubs is to develop, encourage and maintain the highest Standards of sportsmanship and understanding amongst players of all nations. 

This special trophy is given from time to time to players whose careers have exemplified this objective. 

The 34 IC's around the world are delighted that Maria is here today to accept this replica. There are few more worthy of this award than Maria Bueno.

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The Making of the IC Jean Borotra CQS Sportsmanship Award