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2012 Jacqueline Kermina Trophy

The Tennis Club de Lyon has a long and distinguished history, and it is notable that Henri Cochet, son of the managing director of the club at the time, took the first steps of his tennis career here. 

It was during his presidency (1976-1983) and thanks to his decisive influence that women were admitted to the IC of France, which had previously been strictly reserved for men.

Already a member of the Board of Directors of the French Tennis Federation, Jacqueline Kermina joined the Board of the ILTC (now ITC) of France in 1978. She immediately became Vice President and Treasurer of the Association until 1995, when she passed away. A much respected and loved pioneer, Jacqueline was the only female member of the Board until 2008.

In her honour, a friendly competition for ladies, the Jacqueline Kermina Trophy is now played. This year, the beautiful TC Lyon welcomed a pleasant team from Switzerland, coached by Jean-François Auberson, Captain of the Swiss ILTC teams. Each team consisted of four players, 2 aged 45+ and 2 aged 55+. The first day saw two singles matches followed by a doubles match in each age group, while the second day saw reverse singles matches, for a total of 10 matches. 

In the end the visiting team, which was led by Cathy Feldbausch (a member of the WTA top thirty not so long ago) won easily by a margin of 9 victories to 1.

Marie-Dominique Larras was the only one to save the day for the host club, with a win over Nathalie Tschan. This encounter took place on a sunny day and in a friendly atmosphere in the presence of the club’s President Thierry Pham, originally from Lyon. Jürgen Buttkus, the President of the Swiss IC, also honored us with his presence.

After the encounter, Cathy Feldbausch was nominated as an honorary member of the IC France at the same time  Gail Benedetti  was proud to receive the same nomination in the Swiss IC.

I want to thank the TC Lyon and its President Francis Bezot who received us so kindly, also our friend Jerome Vanier, member of the IC France and manager of the club who organized a very nice program with a visit of the old city and a pleasant dinner in a "Bouchon Lyonnais".

Thanks equally to Jean Wallach, President of the league who paid a visit on Sunday morning. Jean was kind enough to help us out with some umpires from the league who contributed to the comfort of both players and spectators. The participants are already looking forward to meeting again next year in Geneva.