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IC lapel pins

IC lapel pins

The IC Council has produced a quantity of IC lapel pins for use by ICs everywhere. They were particularly designed for hotter countries where IC ties are not worn so frequently and are intended to give the wearer an opportunity to promote the IC when the opportunity presents itself. They are also ideal for giving out to competitors at major events.

Currently, we have sufficient stock for ICs to buy 5 each at the Council AGM in July, but if greater quantities are required an order will have to be placed with our suppliers before 17th May so we need to be advised before that date if you need more than 5 please.
The prices will be as follows:

5 pins will cost £15  or $19 USD,  or €17.50 Euros
50 will cost £140,  or $175USD, or  €161 Euros 
Payment will need to be in cash at the AGM, as postage has not been included in these prices.

All additional orders should be placed by email to Julian Tatum who is coordinating the supplies.    His email is: jt@ictennis.net but they must be received before 17th May.

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