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Note from President of IC France - 22 January 2015

‎‎‎‎Dear Paul,

Time goes so fast. We are about to leave Melbourne in two days after a match at Kooyong and our all trip has just been fantastic.

Once again, on behalf of the IC of France, I would like to express our warmest thanks for having hosted us so nicely. We shall keep a wonderful memory of this first match between our two ICs. I was impressed by the way you organized the meeting. It was just perfect!

We met enthusiastic tennis fans, playing good tennis (men were too good for us) and we enjoyed a lot the roll over format. We really shared a good time.

Moreover, the dinner was great, with good food and good beverages, and a lot of laughs all around. New friendships were born during that day. For example, I know that Gail Benedetti invited Cecile to visit her in Corsica.

I am looking forward to seeing all the pictures that were taken that day.

Please pass on the message to all the participants with a special word for Han Teck who really spoiled us at dinner.

As I told you, let me know whenever you would like to send a team in France. You will be mostly welcomed and your team would also be able to play with the IC of Belgium, according to my friend Gérald Kaisin.

Evan told me that he wants to come to Paris in order to visit the Marie-Curie Institute. I suggested to him that he comes to Paris during the first week of the French Open, so he could spend a full day at Roland-Garros on the Tuesday.

As you know, the invitation for the IC cocktail party is dedicated to all IC members who would like to attend the French Open.

At our end, we shall pass on to French IC members your kind invitation to attend the Ladies Master Cup in Singapore.

This meeting between our two ICs was very successful. You fully deserved to become honorary member of our IC and I am truly honored by the reciprocal nomination.

With my kindest regards


Thierry PHAM


International Tennis Club of France


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