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IC France visits IC Singapore - 11 January 2015

One of the oldest ICs, France, visited one of the youngest, Singapore, on 11 January 2015.

IC France, led by Thierry Pham, decided to stop over in Singapore on their way to New Zealand and Australia.

A friendly match was played at the Winchester Tennis Arena in which, IC Singapore, enjoying the enormous advantage of home court, youth and jet lag, prevailed over IC France 4-3. 

The match was followed by a dinner hosted by IC Singapore patron, Justice Choo Han Teck, at the rustic Sunset estate in Bather's Cafe. Over good food (a fusion of French, Italian and Singaporean cuisine), outstanding French wines and memorable company, IC France impressed on their Singaporean friends the wonderful values of the IC in which international friendship seemed second nature to all. The members of IC Singapore who attended demonstrated what Singaporeans were about -  valuing friendship and knowing the importance of good food and wines! In his speech, patron Justice Choo thanked IC France for making the effort to visit one of the youngest ICs and highlighted presciently that at the end of the dinner, the food, wine and good company will naturally lead all to conclude that there really was not much difference between the peoples of France and Singapore.

In the formal part of the dinner, IC France appointed Paul Wong honorary IC France member and Thierry Pham was appointed honorary IC Singapore member.








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