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REPORT of the participation of IC Hungary on the Four Nations Tournament

REPORT of the participation of IC Hungary on the Four Nations Tournament

The members of the Hungarian team were the following:

1.Janos Almai

2.Judit Farago

3.Gyorgy Florianschitz

4.Ferenc Pohly

5.Andras Vary

(on the second playing day, for one match, Andras Pinter helped out)



The other participating countries delegated competitors from, Great Britain 6, Belgium 11, while the host Czechs participated with 15 players in the events, in which, in theory, a team had to consist of a minimum of 6 players but, fortunately, they accepted our entry even though we could only produce 5. As a result, in the calculation of the team final standings, the results of only the 5 best point winners of each country were counted.


Per the customary practice in Prague, during the first day doubles teams from each country played against each other, whilst in the second, men and ladies doubles teams of mixed nationalities were paired by the organizers. The matches lasted 60 minutes, and the sum of the number of games won determined the standings between the countries.


Though small in numbers, the efforts of the enthusiastic Hungarian team were only able to produce a meritorious result, its 90 points could not surpass that any of the other team, while the Belgians, with 166 points (with a difference of a single point) surprisingly took the winners cup ahead of the home Czech team.


On the other hand, we had a lightning start as the Vary-Florianschitz pair began with a 9:4 win over the Wimbledon club members of the British team, then the Pohly-Vary duo also did well (5:8) against the hosts, but there were  matches where we had to face really "greats" as, amongst others, Judit Farago twice played against Iva Simunkova-Budarova who, at her peak, was 24 in the WTA rankings...On the second day, Andras Vary, partnering a British, Janos Almai and Ferenc Pohly each partnering Czech ladies, secured wins and Janos Almai's endurance managed to secure a tie while partnering a Belgian lady colleague.




As anticipated, the hosts provided a most generous and warm hospitality to the participants, particularly through Jiri Medonos and Helena Sukova who, while this time did not make use of a tennis racquet, was most active in the planning and organizing activities. The world class tennis club's facilities and restaurant were also of the highest standards, while the related programs provided excellent opportunities  to make acquaintances and to appreciate the beauty of Prague and its surroundings.


Between the two playing days everybody was invited for a 3 hour boat excursion, including a Moldavian dinner, during which the protocol greetings took place and we thanked Jiri and Helena with a brief speech and some traditional Hungarian presents/souvenirs




On the day after the tournament we toured with a professional guide the gothic Nelahozevesi Castle, about 35 km from Prague, where we were able to see not only the beauty of this renaissance building but also the incomparable artistic and interior furnishing collections of the Lobkowicz Family.


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