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June 2003 



The Potter Cup, named after its donor and first organiser Mr.John Potter, is the official team competition of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs open to members of national International Clubs having reached the age of 45 years during the year the Competition takes place. It is part of the International Tennis Federation Veterans Circuit.


The Competition shall be played each year, under the auspices of the International Club of Spain (the Host I.C.) and the Tennis Federation of Catalonia at the Real Club de Polo of Barcelona (the Host Club) during the first week of the French Open at Roland-Garros. It bears the name “Potter Cup, International Veteran Championships of Catalonia, Grand Prix of the Generalitat”.


The Competition shall be played by one team for each IC or combined ICs on a knock-out principle with a Consolation event being organized for teams loosing in the first and possibly second rounds depending on the number of entries.

However, should such entries not exceed four, it may be played on a round robin principle in which case, in the event of a draw, the number of sets and/or the number of games won shall determine the winning team.

A qualifying competition may also be held if the number of entries exceed 12.

Each tie shall consist of five singles and two doubles.


The competition shall be managed by a Committee consisting of one representative of each of the founder clubs (I.C.s of Great Britain, France, United States of America and Spain), and one representative of the I.C. of Italy, from whom the Chairman shall be elected, the Chairman of the Tennis Federation of Catalonia, and the Chairman of the Real Club de Polo Barcelona or their substitutes. The Secretaries of the I.C. of Spain and of the Tennis Federation of Catalonia acting as joint Secretaries, the Director of the Potter Cup (the Director) and the Referee shall also attend the meetings.

The Director, appointed by the Committee, shall coordinate its work, enforce its decisions and supervise the organisation of the event.

The Committee shall keep the Council, the ITF Veteran’s Committee and Tennis Europe Veteran’s Committee informed of the arrangements for such event.


The Host I.C. and the Host Club shall meet all the costs relative to staging the Competition including lunch vouchers and invitations to the official dinners with the exception of the travelling and accommodation expenses of each team but may appoint sponsors under the terms and conditions laid down by the Council.

However, if the funds available so permit, the host IC may contribute towards such expenses provided there be no preferential treatment.


No prize money shall be awarded.


Within one month of the completion of the Competition, the Committee shall send to the Council, to the ITF and to Tennis Europe Federation a completed programme with detailed results together with general comments.



The Competiton shall be open to one team of every IC affiliated to the Council. However, a maximum of three ICs may combine forces to make a team in order to participate in any one event.

A player shall not be eligible to compete unless he has reached the minimum age of the Competition and unless he has been elected a member of his national IC at least prior to January 1 of the year of the event.

However, any IC may include foreign nationals in its team provided they are either honorary (international) members of the said IC or full members of their own IC and have been so elected prior to January 1 of the year of the event. Yet no such foreign nationals may play for more than one national IC team during any one competition, subject to Rule 14.


Entries are to be sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Host IC prior to March 31 of the year of the Competition together with the entry fee to be fixed both in Euros and U.S. dollars following the decision of the Committee. No entry shall be accepted unless the fee has been paid and receipt of such payment notified to the bank. It will be forfeited in the event of cancellation by a given team.



The composition of each team by order of merit consisting of a maximum of nine players + a non-playing captain must be received by the Host I.C. and by the Director no later than March 31. If a team has a playing captain, he must be included in the list of the nine players.

Such list shall be confirmed and/or amended prior to the Committee meeting held approximately a month before the start of the competition. It shall then become final and no change may be made thereafter to the composition or the order of merit during the whole competition.


The seeding shall be decided by the Committee at such meeting and the draw will be made by the Director in the presence of the referee and the captains or their representatives during the captains meeting which takes place prior to the beginning of the matches or the evening before depending on the decision made by the Committee.


At the time of the draw, the captains shall nominate the five singles players who will take part in the first round match. Such nominations must follow the order of merit established pursuant to Rule 11 above.

However, if the number 1 player is not selected, the number 2 player shall take his place for the round and the number 3 player shall move into the second position and so on until the five positions are filled.

The same procedure shall apply prior to any subsequent round and the captains will notify their nominations to the Director and the Referee at least one hour before the round is scheduled to begin. If the number 1 is thereafter selected, he shall resume the number 1 position. Should any player withdraw in any given round due to injury or unavailability, he shall be replaced by the player holding the next position in the order of merit and the other players shall move up by one position accordingly.


In the event that, at the time of the draw, any IC having entered the Competition has less than five players due to injury or last minute withdrawal of one or more of its members, the Director shall have the power to appoint replacements chosen among members of the Host IC or, with the consent of the captain concerned, among those players of other teams provided they have not played or do not play in their own during the competition.

The captains must give the names of their doubles pairings to the Director and to the Referee either one hour after the last single is over or 30 minutes before the doubles begin, whichever is the shortest.

In accordance with the ITF Rules for team competitions, there shall be no restriction in the composition of the double teams provided that each player has been nominated on the list pursuant to Article 11.



The Host IC and the Host Club shall provide sufficient court facilities for the Competition to be completed within 3/4 days and shall see to it that a sufficient number of new balls are provided for each match except for the consolation event.


Unless the Director and the Referee decide otherwise,

· singles in each round shall be played in the morning, beginning with the number 3,4 and 5 players, followed by the number 1 and 2 players. However, should the competition, start a day ahead of schedule due to the number of teams participating, all such matches may be held simultaneously in the afternoon provided a sufficient number of courts is available.

· Doubles shall be played after an intermission of 1h1/2 following the last single and will be played in two sets with a deciding third set being a 10 points tie-break. However if a team has won the tie after the singles, the captains, with the approval of the Director, may agree not to play them.


The tie-break scoring system shall operate when the score reaches six games all in any set and there shall be a ten-minute rest after the second set in singles and doubles events unless the captains concerned agree otherwise.


18. The Potter Cup shall be presented annually to the winning team which will have it engraved at its own expense and which will see to it that the Cup is returned to the Host IC at the beginning of the following Competition.

19. In addition, souvenir prizes shall be presented by the Host IC to the members of the winning team and to the runners up.


20. Any matter not covered specifically by these Rules shall be decided upon by the Committee pursuant to Rule I.3 hereabove.


1.- Ties shall consist of 7 matches : 5 singles and 2 doubles. Main Draw matches will be played on 3 courts , except for the finals that will be played on  5 courts. 

2-Should a player arrive after the captains meeting the captain should deposit an amount to be established by the Competitions Committee, and the amount will be returned to the captain when the player arrives

3.- Matches will be played as follows: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

4.- At the end of the 5th single, team captains should contact the referee in order to decide whether and when the doubles matches will be played. Following the Seniors ITF Rules the Doubles of the Potter Cup will be played "no add".The Referee can decide not to play doubles, should the tie be already decided.

5.- All singles matches will be best of 3 tiebreak sets, with the possibility of a break after the second set.  In consolation draw a 10point tie break will substitute the third set.
6.- Between the Singles and doubles matches, there will be a rest period of 30 minutes maximum. 

7-If a players needs to withdraw on a singles match due to an injury, the same player will not be able to play on the doubles on the same day.

8.- Official balls for Potter Cup are HEAD ATP. Matches will be played with 4 balls on court, with ball change at the beginning of the 3rd set (single matches main draw)

9.- Players will find towels, water and other drinks in the tournament office. Practice balls will also be able to players in any moment at the tournament office.

10.- Team captains should give their player's names to the referee, at the tournament office, 30 minutes prior to the start of the tie

11.- Each team will be able to use one court for warm up before matches from 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM. Organization kindly asks all players to leave the courts when requested by the court workers.

12.- The Schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be published on the day before. It will be also given to the captains at the official dinners.

13-The rules and regulations of the Potter Cup  will be read revised and duly signed by each captain prior to the start of the Competition at the Captains meeting.