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The Juego de Pilota Trophy, is an official Men’s team competition of the Council of International Lawn Tennis Clubs ("the Council").

It is a knock-out competition for four playing members, two of whom must have reached the age of 70 during the calendar year of the competition, and two of whom must have reached the age of 75 during the calendar year in which the competition is held. Teams may have a playing or non-playing captain, or one of the players may act as a captain.

A consolation event shall be organized for the teams which lose in the first and if applicable second rounds of the competition. The precise requirements for team composition and format are contained later in these Rules.


The competition shall be played no more than once a year under the auspices of a host International Club ("the Host IC") agreed by the Council and during such a period and at such a place as shall be agreed by the Council.

Having regard to the substantial expenses of running a Juego de Pilota Trophy competition, the Council will not encourage the competition to take place in consecutive years except in exceptional circumstances.


The competition shall take place in accordance with the Rules of Tennis adopted by the International Tennis Federation ("the ITF") and the relevant Codes of Conduct issued by the ITF (the Veterans Code of Conduct), except as may be modified by the IC Council or its Executive Committee.


1. The competition shall be competed for by individual teams representing ICs.

Two ICs may combine as a team; each combining IC team must be represented by at least two playing team members.

2. The competitions shall adopt a knock-out format with a consolation event being organized for the teams losing in the first and possibly second rounds depending on the number of entries.

3. A qualifying competition may also be held, at the discretion of the Host IC, if the number of entries exceeds sixteen.

4. No IC may enter more than one team for each competition.

Should the draw have an odd number of teams, the hosting IC may provide a second team to avoid a bye in the first round

5. Unless otherwise approved by the Council, each tie shall consist of two 70 and over singles and one 70 and over doubles, and two 75 and over singles and one 75 an over doubleas.



1. The competition shall be managed by a committee appointed by the Host IC ("the Organizing Committee").

A representative of the Host IC shall be Chairman of the Organizing Committee and shall attend Council Meetings before and after the event to report thereon and to obtain advice and directions.

2. There may also be a representative of the Council on the Organizing Committee ("the Council's Representative") who shall be kept informed of and consulted about the organisation of the competition.

3. The Organizing Committee shall appoint a Referee.

4. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee shall coordinate the Host IC's work, enforce its decisions and supervise the in accordance with these Rules and with any other rules and guidance laid down by the Council.

5. The Organizing Committee shall keep the Council, the ITF Veterans Committee and the Host IC's National Tennis Federation informed of the arrangements for the competition.



1. The Host IC shall meet all the costs relating to the staging of the competition with the exception of team travelling expenses and such accommodation expenses as the organizing Committee shall notify to other ICs in advance.

In the interests of reducing the Host IC's expenses

teams should be no larger than 6 in number, excluding a non-playing captain.

The Host IC may limit the number for whom they pay to a lesser number; the recommended number for whom the Host IC should pay is four playing team members and a non-playing captain.

2. The Host IC may appoint sponsors to the competition under terms and conditions laid down from time to time by the Council.

3. If the funds available so permit, the Host IC may contribute towards team expenses provided there is no preferential treatment between teams and team members.


1. No prize money shall be awarded.

2. Whilst ICs may defray the actual expenses of their team members in participating in the competition in accordance with Rule 6 above, they not pay inflated expenses or offer any financial inducement.


Within one month of the completion of the competition the organizing committee shall send to the Council, to the ITF and to the Host IC's National Tennis Federation a completed programme with detailed results together with general comments and observations.



1. The competition shall be open to one team from every IC affiliated to the Council.

2. A maximum of two ICs may combine forces to make a team in order to participate in the competitions, according to Rule 4 # 1.

3. Except as expressly provided for in this paragraph a team member shall not be eligible to compete unless he has been elected a member of his national IC at least prior to 1 January in the year of the competition.

If some team members have been elected full ordinary membes after 1 January in the year of the competition, they will be eligible to play in the competition if their captain can show that the newly elected member has prior to the competition, represented his country in one of the following competitions such as: The Davis Cup, The King's Cup, The European Cup; any international team competitions recognised by the ITF; other IC team events recognised by two or more ICs; and such other international competitions as the Executive Committee of the Council shall from time to time approve.

4. Veterans competing in the competition must have reached the age of 70 and 75, the two respective age categories, during the calendar year

in which the competition is held.


1. Details of the arrangements of the competition once approved in principle by the Council must be sent to each IC at least four months before the date of the competition.

2. Entries must be accepted and sent to whomever the Host IC appoints three months prior to the start of the competition together with the

entry fee in such amount as shall have been approved by the Council or if the Council has delegated the matter to the organizing Committee as

shall have been approved by the organizing Committee.

The entry fee will be forfeitable in the event that an IC withdraws its entry.



1. Teams will be made up of two +70 and two +75 men players, plus a team captain

2. Details of the teams in each of the two respective categories  must be received by the Host IC not later than the date specified in the details of the arrangements sent out by the Host IC.

3. The captain of a team may be asked to certify the order of merit according to the National Ranking, and give information regarding the eligibility of team members pursuant to Rule 9.

The Order of Merit may be confirmed and/or amended by the Organizing Committee at the Captains' meeting which shall take place before the draw.

The team shall then become final and no change shall be made thereafter to the order of merit throughout the competitions except with the permission of the Organizing Committee, according to Rule 14 # 2.


1. The seeding and draw will be made by at least two members of the Organizing Committee in the presence of the Referee and of the Council Representative on the Organizing Committee if appointed, the day prior to the commencement of the event, and in the presence of the captains.


1. Before each round the Captain shall nominate the singles players playing such round following the order of merit given at the time of the draw.

2. However, if the No 1 over 70 or No 1 over 75 is not selected, the No 2 in each case shall take his place for the round and the No 3 player will move up into the No 2 position.

The same procedure shall also apply if the No 2 over 70 or No 2 over 75 is not selected.

3. The same procedure shall apply prior to any subsequent round and the Captains must notify the Referee of their nominations at least 30 minutes before the round is scheduled to begin.

4. If any player is selected thereafter, he shall resume the same position of the final order of merit according to Rule 11 # 3.

Should a player or a veteran withdraw in any given round due to injury or unavailability, he shall be replaced respectively by the player or veteran holding one of the next positions, according to the Captain's nomination, and other team members will move up respecting the order.

5. The captains must give the names of their doubles pairings to the Referee either one hour after the last singles is over or 30 minutes before the doubles is scheduled to begin, whichever is the shortest period.


1. In the event that at the time of the draw any IC having entered the competitions has less than the minimum required team members for a competition due to injury or last minute withdrawal of one or more of its members, the Organizing Committee shall have the power to appoint replacements chosen from members of the Host IC or with the consent of the captain concerned among those members of other teams who have not played in the competitions.

2. Should a team be reduced to below the minimum number of players required due to injury or forced withdrawal after a competition begins, the Organizing Committee shall have the power to consent replacements chosen by the Captain of the reduced team from members of the Host IC or of other ICs, with the consent of the captain of the concerned IC, among those members who have not played in the competitions, provided that the elected player is member or honorary member of such IC.

3. Such replacements will no longer be eligible to play for their own IC team nor in any further IC team during the week.



The Host IC shall provide sufficient court facilities for the competitions to be completed between four and seven days, depending on the number of entries, and shall see to it that a sufficient number of new balls are provided for each match except for the consolation events.

The Host IC shall possibly also provide medical service, stringing service, massage and practice courts.


1. Unless the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, the Council Representative if appointed and the Referee decide otherwise, singles in each round shall be played in the morning, beginning with over 75 players, and followed by over 70 players.

2. Doubles should be played with a gap of one hour, after the singles, and must take place whatever the outcome of the singles.

Both cases have to be agreed by both captains if it's desirable to divert from this.


The tie-break scoring system shall operate when the score reaches six games all in any set. For veterans there shall be a ten minutes rest after the second set in singles and doubles events in accordance with the ITF Rules for Veterans team competitions unless the captains concerned and the Referee agree otherwise.

The organizing Committee may decide to allow a ten point Tie Break instead of the third set in case of bad weather forecast, lack of courts or any other reason.

Such decision must be taken before the beginning of the Competition if the rule applies to the full Competition, or before the beginning of each day of the Competition, and must be communicated to each Captain at the time he nominates his team for the day.


In the event of a tie being equal on matches, sets and games, the tie shall be decided by a play-off doubles match comprising the best of three 7 point tie-breaks only, the doubles teams being composed of one veteran from each age category selected at the discretion of the respective team captains.


1. The Juego de Pilota Trophy shall be presented on each occasion to the winning team.

The winning IC will have the Trophy inscribed at its own expense and will see to it that the Trophy is returned to the Council of International Clubs in London as soon as possible after inscription.

2. Any trophy which might be presented to the team winning the consolation event will be treated in the same manner.

3. Souvenir prizes shall be presented by the Host IC to the members of the winning teams and the runners-up.

Souvenir prizes to others participating shall be at the discretion of the Host IC.


1. When The Juego de Pilota Trophy is played during an IC Week, all IC Week rules are applicable.

2. Any matter not covered specifically by these Rules shall be decided upon by the Host IC and where applicable in accordance with Rule I.3 and any other standing rules or regulations from time to time issued by the Executive Committee of the Council.


Should the hosting IC enter a second team according to Rule 4 # 4 the recommendations are:

- the second team cannot have a bye in the first round;

- the second team shall be placed in the same half of the draw of the first team, to avoid a final between two teams of the same nation;

- the second team cannot be seeded.